Cooling Tower Repairs

Cooling Tower Repairs

Quality Cooling Tower Repairs to all makes and models of cooling towers

Our expert technicians with many years of experience, can highlight/discover and repair any issue or fault your cooling tower may have. Each cooling tower repair is backed by our after repair service report and support.

If your cooling tower is not running as efficiently or effectively as it should it will be costing you money in expensive energy costs and lost cooling capacity.

Here are some common repair issues we look for:

Drift Eliminators

The drift eliminator is vital in any cooling tower as it prevents droplets of water from leaving the cooling tower.

If your drift eliminator is damaged or brittle its effectiveness can be compromised which could result water loss or, in worst case, Legionella Bacteria becoming airborne resulting in a possible outbreak.

We can fit new drift eliminators to any make or model of cooling tower. All our drift eliminators meet Australian standards and a certificate of compliance is supplied for your records.

Air Intake Louvres

The louvres provide several important services to a cooling tower, including:

  • prevention of debris from falling into the unit
  • prevents water from splashing out
  • prevent sunlight from filtering through
  • helps to minimise noise levels

We can replace air intake louvres to any make or model of cooling tower.

Louvres that are operating correctly can improve airflow which helps a cooling tower run efficiently. The louvres when performing correctly also help block out sunlight - which in turn prevent algae growing and stop water loss - which in turn reduces chemical use and water use.

Fill Pack

Fill Pack is a very important part of the cooling tower heat transfer. If the fill pack is blocked or damaged the cooling process will be disrupted and your cooling tower will run at incorrect temperatures.

We can replace fill packs on any make or model of cooling tower.

Other Repair Services

  • Spray nozzles, grommets
  • Fan motors and shafts
  • Strainers
  • Fan shrouds
  • Ball floats
  • Epoxy coating of cooling tower basins, fan shafts and pipework

If you need urgent repairs on your cooling tower call us today for immediate service!

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